Fouq Al Sahab
Daily from 31 January to 29 February at 20:00 GMT / Repeat: 14:00 / 08:00 / 02:00 GMT

A young man, in love with a girl, is forced to travel abroad in search of a job. But he enters the world of the mafia and the arms trade, which makes him go to jail in Russia, he succeeds in escaping him and returns to Egypt, but he couldn't escape the world of the Mafia.

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Daily From 31 January to  29 February

at 20:00 GMT

Repeat: Daily at

02:00 GMT

08:00 GMT

14:00 GMT

Directed By
Raouf Abd El Aziz
Writter By
hassan dahshan

Hany Salama
Stephanie Saliba
Mona Abd El Ghani
Afaf Shoaib