Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Heya wa Da Vinci
Heya wa Da Vinci
Daily From 21 October to 19 November at 17:00 GMT / Repeat: 05:00 GMT / 11:00 GMT / 23:00 GMT

A black comedy about a female lawyer who was involved in an accident that caused her to be committed into a mental health clinic for six years. After leaving the clinic, she suffers from hallucinations, which makes her see Da Vinci everywhere.

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Daily From 21 October to 19 November  

at 17:00 GMT 

Repeat daily at: 

05:00 GMT

11:00 GMT

23:00 GMT 

Directed By
Abdul Aziz Hashad
Writter By
Mohammed ElHenawi

Layla Olwi
Khaled El Sawy
Mai Selim
Ahmad Saeed Abdulghani