The story of the late singer Asmahan, from her birth to her move from Beirut to Cairo to work as a singer and an actress to her mysterious death. The series covers her relationship with some of her contemporaries and how she got famous along with her brother, Farid Al-Atrash.

Elbab Yfawet Amal

A married couple, the lawyer Amal (Dora) and her veterinarian husband, are in constant problems, as Amal is continuing to work in the final months of her pregnancy.


In the heart of the most deprived areas of the Lebanese capital of Beirut, we follow the story of a boy named Zain, who went through many hardships in his short life so far; so he decides to sue his parents for the "crime" of giving birth to him.

Zel El Raees

Yehia, a police officer, decides to leave the force after successfully protecting the President from an assassination attempt in the late 1990s. His father becomes a successful business owner who owns one of the biggest contracting companies in Egypt. He is subjected to an assassination attempt that results in the death of his son and wife and starts his journey for revenge.

Gonoun El Hob

Mona is married to a wealthy and well-known businessman, Mahmoud. When she meets the pilot Hussein, however, the two develop a friendship and soon fall in love. Meanwhile, Khalid, Mona and Mahmoud’s son, finds out about the relationship between his mom and Hussein. Mona confesses the truth to her husband and asks for a divorce so that she can marry Hussein, but Khalid fights to keep his family together.

Fen Qalbi

A man marries the woman he loves, but an accident leaves her in a coma for three years. During that time, the husband meets another woman and lives in a conflict between his feelings for her and his feelings for his wife. He is unable to marry her until his wife wakes up from her coma.

Grand Hotel

Set in the 1950s, Ali starts to investigate the disappearance of his sister, who worked as a maid in one of the largest hotels in Aswan.

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