Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  The Journey
The Journey

Sara enters Baghdad station with sinister intentions for its reopening ceremony. As she braces to commit an unthinkable act, her plans are drastically altered by an unwanted and awkward encounter with Salam, a self-assured and flirtatious salesman.
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Daqeqat Samt
Daqeqat Samt

Amir and Adham are two inmates that are facing a death sentence.  but strange events begin to happen that lead to smuggling them out of prison, by the car of the new director, and the execution of two others instead of them, and then a series of events begin to evolve.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Max w Antar
Max w Antar

Max is a wealthy man who lives in the United States and works in the stock market. Due to a small error, he loses all his money in the market and becomes broke. He then returns to his home, Lebanon, with his spoiled dog, and works as a security officer. He and his dog are placed in a situation where they need to rescue Nadia's kidnapped father.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  The Guest: Aleppo-Istanbul
The Guest: Aleppo-Istanbul

The story of Lina and Mariam who flee from the Syrian war. Lina is ten years old, and after losing her family to the war, she makes her way to Turkey with her baby sister and their neighbor, Mariam, among other refugees. While Lina longs to go back home, it was always Mariam's dream to go to Europe.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Benzine

A look into illegal immigration but from the point of view of those who were left behind, through the eyes of a couple who have had no news of their son since he left for Italy nine months ago.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Gabal Al Halal
Gabal Al Halal

Mansour Abo Heiba is a businessman with connections to the European mafia. His illegal activities and his enmity with Kane, whose family was kicked out of their village by Abo Heiba's grandfather, leads to an assassination attempt that forces Abo Heiba to reevaluate his life. 

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Yalla O'balkun Shabab
Yalla O'balkun Shabab

Walid, Hatim, Ziyad, and Mazen are close friends in their forties. They have successful jobs, and they decide to meet every Sunday for a game of poker while discussing their personal stories about love and marriage.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Wa Bil Walidayn Ihsanan
Wa Bil Walidayn Ihsanan

Saber works as an office boy in a governmental agency and refers his son to the manager to land him a job at the agency. Mahmoud starts working at the agency, while secretly marrying the sister of a prostitute who runs a brothel. He steals a large sum of money from the agency's safe, and when Saber discovers, he tries to collect the money before his son's crime gets discovered. 
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Halet Eshq
Halet Eshq

The series follows a love story between a radio show host from an aristocratic family who now lives in a local neighborhood and her colleague. As her mother gets married to a wealthy man who moves the family once again to a high social level, the relationship experiences many dramatic turns.

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