Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Mafak

A man experiences a physical and emotional toll when he returns home after spending 15 years in an Israeli jail.
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Bent Esmaha Zat
Bent Esmaha Zat

Based on Sonallah Ibrahim's celebrated novel, "Zaat" explores the social and political winds of change in Egypt starting from 1952, when the main character "Zaat" was born, all the way up to the present day.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Ras El Ghoul
Ras El Ghoul

When Fadl Al-Ghoul finds a stolen tablet belonging to the Minister of Health, he attempts to return the device to her but gets involved in a series of obstacles because of the secret content on the device, and during his escape attempts, he faces problems from his mysterious past and events follow. 
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Yoam Men Omry
Yoam Men Omry

The journalist Salah and photographer Younis are tasked with covering the arrival of Nadia, a millionaire's daughter, from Switzerland. When Nadia discovers that her stepmother wants to wed her to her brother, she runs away and meets Salah and Younis who are unaware of her true identity.
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Fen Qalbi
Fen Qalbi

A man marries the woman he loves, but an accident leaves her in a coma for three years. During that time, the husband meets another woman and lives in a conflict between his feelings for her and his feelings for his wife. He is unable to marry her until his wife wakes up from her coma.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Ibn Halal
Ibn Halal

A young man travels from Qena to Cairo for work, but the only job he can find is as a painter. He is constantly running into trouble, as he deals both with his extreme poverty and his desire to live a decent life for his mother. His world gets turned upside down when he finds himself way in over his head, and it becomes clear that he must find a way out before it is too late. 
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  La Totfe' Alshams
La Totfe' Alshams

A family consisting of a mother, two sons, and three daughters move to a new home just a year after the father's death. The series shows the relationships between them and outside their surroundings, the stories, and the situations they face.
Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Add Tanazoli
Add Tanazoli

Selim and his wife live an average, stable life. However, their lives are disrupted when Selim ends up in a situation that forces him to commit numerous crimes. This is when Lieutenant Hamza enters the scene to chase down Selim, setting the events in motion.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Wesh Egram
Wesh Egram

Taha is a computer institute graduate who comes from a poor family, as his father is forced into early retirement from his factory.  When Taha discovers classified information incriminating the factory's owner that could make his father get back his job, he decides to pursue his case.

Arab Radio and Television Network: ART TV  Tunis Al Lail
Tunis Al Lail

As Youssef prepares to retire, his wife Amal feels bereft after a mastectomy as their daughter Aziza separates herself from her family's values. As their son Amin tries to bring his family back together, Youssef is inexplicably suspended and banned from continuing his show, Tunisia At Night.

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